About Us

GemSmart is a web blog that will give you an ideal perspective on Different Gems. We do the examination and furnish you with genuine knowledge that can assist you with deciding yourselves whether a Gem/Stone/Rock is appropriate according to your requirements or not.

What we actually do?

We share our experience and knowledge with rock hounds from all walks of life through our website. This is the corner where all rockhounds find anything and everything that they need for rockhounding: locations, geological information, value, and other facts about all different kinds of rocks, minerals, and crystals. We also include important How-To guides for essential rockhounding processes like tumbling, taking care of rocks, polishing, and more.

Learn about how gold and other valuable resources are still being found today. Find areas that you can go out and search for gold, gems, lost treasures and other valuable resources.

Our articles might have what you are looking for is you have any specific questions about rock polishing or the methods used to get rocks to shine brighter than ever before.

Have a look around and be sure to drop us a comment or a message if you have any questions. We love to hear from the readers of the site! You can contact us at the contact us page here