Find Geodes in Pennsylvania

Where to Find Geodes in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is an excellent location for geode hunting. There are several locations around the state where you may locate these stunning rocks. Geodes may be obtained in various hues, ensuring something to suit every taste. Going out and trying to find your geodes is a great weekend activity if you’re searching for something entertaining to do. It’s a fun pastime that the whole family can participate in.

Pennsylvania is a state that is abundant in rocks! Geodes may be found in a variety of locations around Pennsylvania. Take a stroll, and you’ll notice them along mountain routes, or look for them in abandoned mines where minerals form from ancient seas millions upon billions of years ago and are sometimes exposed when minerals formed from ancient seas millions upon billions of years ago.

In Pennsylvania, there are several locations where rocks can spontaneously grow. Still, one of the most popular is in Scranton on Carbaugh Creek Road, which is about a three-hour drive from Philadelphia. It’s worth seeing if only for its natural beauty and because it has influenced so many artists who want nothing more than to spend their days standing in awe of this wonderful site for the rest of their lives (and night).

Best Rockhounding Sites in Pennsylvania:

Best Rockhounding Sites in Pennsylvania
Best Rockhounding Sites in Pennsylvania

1. Southeastern Public Land:

This is more of a collection of locales than a single well-known location. Petrified wood from the Triassic period may be found in the southern section of Pennsylvania.

The wood isn’t as gorgeous as the material you’ll encounter in Washington and Arizona. Still, it can be used to carve lovely sculptures, and it’ll look fantastic in any cabinet dedicated to collecting. Because of this, it is extremely useful to whittlers and other artists.

You must, however, seek for it on public lands, which might be a challenge in some cases. Because the vast majority of property in southeastern Pennsylvania is privately owned, it is very uncommon for homeowners to object when people go scrounging about on their property.

2. York County:

You may discover minerals and crystals like malachite, calcite, azurite, quartz, fossils, sandstone, limonite, chamosite, pyrite, and other significant gems, rocks, and minerals.

Calcite may be found in a limestone belt in the central portion of York County, located in Pennsylvania. Rossville Copper in Warrington Township, several roadcuts include azurite, malachite, and a variety of other minerals and crystals. At the same time, quartz and geodes may be found at Mud Grubb Lake and other locations.

3. The Echo:

The Echo is a historic mining system utilized by coal miners many years ago. It is still in use today. Although the mine has been completely depleted of its coal reserves, the miners have left behind vast concentrations of quartz.

A visit to The Echo will be necessary if you are a seasoned veterinarian looking for significant specimens for your collection.

It is completely free to attend, but you are responsible for your safety. There isn’t even a safety crew stationed in the area at all. You’ll also need to carry the appropriate equipment for moving about in a mine, as well as the appropriate rockhounding tools for pulling the quartz out of the walls.

Other geodes can be found in the mine, although few and far between. The size of the quartz deposits in the area is the primary attraction of the place.

4. Historic Crystal Cave:

Even though the Historic Crystal Cave is not a free digging site, it’s simple, and you’re nearly likely to come up with something good without having to strain your back to take it out of the dirt yourself.

For a small fee, the cave’s proprietors will provide you with buckets of loose silt that you may sift through. Many types of geodes can be found, but most of them are distinct varieties of the mineral quartz.

Historically significant Crystal Cave is a terrific site to visit if you don’t have time to go rockhounding for the full day, and the ambiance is welcoming to newcomers.

While traveling to some of the more isolated spots on our list may yield larger and more valuable specimens, it’s generally a better idea to stay closer to home if you’re a veteran geode hunter.

5. McAdoo:

McAdoo is a forest region in Pennsylvania, and it’s one of the ideal spots to begin your rockhounding adventure if you’re just getting started. Clear quartz is abundant in the region, and you may also discover petrified wood, as well as minor concentrations of smoky quartz and amethyst, in limited quantities.

Most of the time, quartz is quite easy to come by. A small amount of quartz can be found on the surface, while enormous quartz can be discovered deep inside the earth’s crust. As a result, you won’t need any sophisticated gear to haul full bags of quartz home with you.

You do not need to pay any fees to go rock hunting in the forested areas of McAdoo, but you must exercise extreme caution. During the winter months, hunters go to the region in large numbers to chase the whitetail deer herd.

In most cases, you should avoid visiting the region during hunting season, but if you have a basic awareness of hunting etiquette and protocol. If you decide to go hunting during hunting season, be sure to wear a neon orange vest and keep as far away from hunters as possible.

This location is not recommended for more experienced rockhounds due to the hazards associated with going during specific seasons and the lack of variation in geodes. More experienced rockhounds will be served better by visiting other locations.

What Types of Rocks Do You Find in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a popular destination for travelers who want to discover what lies beneath their feet. This state has several hidden jewels, ranging from lava tubes to caverns with stalactites. Here are a few examples:

1. Obsidian:


Obsidian is always a treat to come upon; unfortunately, Pennsylvania isn’t particularly well-known for its volcanic activity, so finding it is not easy. On the other side, anthropogenic obsidian may be found in areas such as the Ohio River and around the town of Baden.

2. Kyanite:


Beautiful kyanite specimens with unusual purplish-blue color have been discovered in the Prospect Park near the Morton Homestead in Ridley township in Pennsylvania.

One of the most effective methods of searching for your own is to locate streams that feed Darby Creek and filter through the muck and dirt transported by the streams.

When searching for kyanite, it is common to come across good samples in quartzite matrices. It may be useful to break up any quartzite you come across using a rock hammer.

3. Azurite:


A strikingly blue mineral, Azurite, may be abundant throughout eastern Pennsylvania. The Cornwall Mines, located in Lebanon Country, is a fantastic site to explore.

Besides the Rossville road cut (which was described before in this article’s section on quartz), there are several additional easily accessible locations to seek for your very own azurite specimen.

If you want to take it this way, make sure you have a powerful rock hammer with you. Because other rockhounds have severely scoured this location, you will most likely need to break up some new rock to locate anything worthwhile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is It Necessary to Have a Permit to Go mineral hunting?

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection states that you do not need to bother acquiring official permission as long as you gather only for your private use.

What is the best way to determine where to look for geodes?

For geodes, seek for them in riverbeds, limestone regions, and volcanic ash deposits in nations where geodes are commonly found, among other places.

Is it possible to find diamonds in geodes?

On the other hand, geodes are not typically contained gold or diamonds.


If you’re seeking geodes, Pennsylvania has many locations where you may discover them. To begin your quest, we recommend visiting one (or more) of the businesses that offer these rocks and minerals in your area to compare pricing and quality before purchasing online or embarking on a more extended journey for these treasures. We hope this blog article has been of assistance!

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