Types of Amethyst

Most Popular Types of Amethyst

The natural world provides a home for many amethyst stone varieties. The color of the amethyst stone can range from light to dark purple. It ranges from a reddish-purple to a purple and a violet purple and has a spectrum from light to dark purple. 

The amethyst stones used in the jewelry business are classified according to their color. This stone can be carved, making it an excellent material for use in the jewelry business. The month of February is represented by the amethyst gemstone, which may be purchased in various guises. 

This stone may be fashioned into various jewelry components, including faceted stones, beads, tumbling stones, cabochons, etc. Because amethyst is a hard stone, it is used to make a wide variety of handcrafted jewelry, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 

In addition, the stone of amethyst may sometimes be found combined with gold and silver when it is made into jewelry. Because of this, many people choose it as a present that is appropriate for a variety of events.

What is Amethyst?

What is Amethyst
What is Amethyst

There are many different hues of purple and violet that may be found in amethyst, a kind of quartz. This one-of-a-kind color is brought about due to the interaction between the iron present in each crystal and the gamma rays that go through them.

It is considered one of the most sought-after and precious quartz gemstones for several reasons, not the slightest of which are that its hue is distinctive in gems and can be easily shaped. 

The stunning yet inexpensive material is frequently included in jewelry and other ornamental pieces, ranging from huge, raw crystal shards to eye-catching signature beads. This is because the material is both eye-catching and economical.

Types of Amethyst:

Here are 8 Different Types of Amethyst:

1. Amegreen:


There is a connection between the green Prasiolite in these stones and the beautiful, heart-centered energy that Amegreen exudes. They also have a good effect that boosts psychic talents such as clairvoyance and psychic visions, similar to the purple amethyst. 

When white quartz is utilized in meditation, the white light of Spirit is brought down from the soul star chakra and then into the heart through the crown chakra, the third eye, and finally the heart chakra.

These stones have a powerful effect on healing, as they bring both the energy of a violet flame and the white light of the soul into play within the context of the healing process. The amount of green Prasiolite has a nice relaxing effect, which is excellent for healers since it raises spiritual and physical healing to a higher level.

2. Amethyst Cacoxenite:

Amethyst Cacoxenite
Amethyst Cacoxenite

Like all other varieties of amethyst, Cacoxenite and amethyst are powerful stones for providing mental protection and are also useful healing crystals due to the violet fire energy they impart. They originate from the same region as the well-known Melody Rock of the Super Seven, yet they are not the same as many other quality crystals.

They have a high resonance, which is an active step that may substantially contribute to one’s spiritual recovery and help one create a strong link with the mind. 

In addition, amethyst cacoxenite can enhance clairvoyance and psychic hearing, stimulate enhanced intuition and promote telepathic abilities. It is up to you to cultivate psychic abilities by meditating with these crystals, which will enhance your capacity to acquire new psychic abilities.

3. Ametrine:


Ametrine is a stunning gemstone created when amethyst and citrine crystals of different colors are combined. This indicates that they have the energy of both stones inside themselves.

This is a fantastic combination that helps to improve mental clarity, inspire creativity, and facilitate spiritual healing. The crystal known as ametrine is a combination stone that balances the energies of masculine and female.

Your willpower will be strengthened, making it easier for you to give up substance addictions and contributing to your success in losing weight. These stunning crystals include a significant amount of the beneficial properties of citrine, which, when combined with the energy of amethyst, results in a lovely addition to your life.

There is a particular website that goes into great detail regarding these crystals, and on it, you can find out more about how they may assist with healing and spirituality.

4. Auralite 23:

Auralite 23
Auralite 23

Auralite (23) is a fascinating quartz crystal that comprises chevron and amethyst, mixed with many other minerals. Auralite was discovered in Russia. That is, the combination also contains seventeen additional types of minerals. You may discover brilliant red hematite and quartz in many different stones. Like all other types of stones, Quartz crystals emit a strong vibration.

They are an effective healing stone and a calming and relaxing stone ideal for meditation. Auralite, much like amethyst, is classified as an ascension stone because it can assist individuals in developing their psychic talents and promoting their spiritual development.

5. Brandberg:


Crystals mined in the Brandberg region are sometimes Brandberg Amethyst or Brandberg Quartz. There are pieces of Brandberg that are not purple like the one below. A number of the pieces have the appearance of Smoky Quartz, while the most are Lodalite Quartz with an intriguing assortment of minerals.

They are also known as Brandenberg Quartz from time to time. The books written by a well-known author spell it that (incorrect) way, which is the root of the problem. They share many of the same stone qualities as purple amethyst, but their vibration is higher.

6. Black Amethyst:

Black Amethyst
Black Amethyst

The majority of us are more familiar with the purple crystals of amethyst, but their black counterparts have many of the same characteristics. The vast majority of specimens have a violet hue, a matte black surface, and the presence of various minerals with different metaphysical qualities. 

In the same way, as purple amethyst does, black amethyst can activate the upper chakras, making it an excellent stone for meditation practice.

In contrast to other types of amethyst, Black amethyst quartz is regarded as a particularly reliable stone for psychological protection since it also possesses a powerful grounding frequency. It is not particularly common, but any reliable crystal source should be able to provide it.

7. Chevron Amethyst:

Chevron Amethyst
Chevron Amethyst

The stone known as chevron amethyst is quite rare since it is composed of several different hues of quartz that naturally exist in the form of a triangle v, thus the stone’s name.

They are a gorgeous combination of snow quartz, white, and amethyst, which come in various shades of purple. Chevron Amethyst has a powerful energy to induce calm, and wearing or carrying it can help ease stress, tension, and anxiety and improve one’s ability to sleep.

They are known as ascending stones because they exude a great spiritual vibration and make an excellent addition to meditation practice. In addition, there is a variant known as Smoky Chevron Amethyst that is shaped like a chevron and contains black and purple bands.

8. Pink Amethyst:

Pink Amethyst
Pink Amethyst

A recently unearthed crystal variation known as pink amethyst was first found in Argentina in Patagonia. Geologists have utilized spectroscopic analysis to ascertain the make-up of the amethyst; nevertheless, the location where it was discovered has been the subject of considerable debate. The pink amethyst may be found anywhere and is a family member.

It has a light, soft, and kind energy that mimics lavender and amethyst light, giving the impression that its energy is similar to purple amethyst. Purple amethysts are known to bring about emotional healing, but this crystal works on a deeper level. 

This listing in this variety benefits from having an extra value due to its energy having a distinct feel. The pink amethyst effect will surprise you because of its beauty, flowing nature, and loving nature. 

Its hues are appealing because they are not all variations of pink (for example, lavender, purple, or a light peach pink) but range from delicate, gentle stone hues to deep peach-pink tones. This makes the colors more visually interesting.

It has magnificent spiritual energy that is perfect for meditating on, and it may also assist you in making direct connections to the spiritual world. It is also known as rose quartz, although different from rose quartz. 

Although both have a powerful affinity with the heart chakra at their highest, rose quartz is more often recognized. If you obtain yourself a piece of this stunning crystal and put it in the vicinity of the spot where you spend most of your time, it will greatly impact you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kinds of amethyst are there to choose from?

There are six primary varieties of amethyst stone used to fabricate a variety of items.

Which variety of amethyst is the most difficult to find?

The amethyst of the best quality, known as “Deep Russian,” is quite difficult to find. When one is discovered, its worth is determined by the amount of demand from collectors. Amethyst is far less expensive than even the highest-grade sapphires or rubies, which can be more expensive.

Which amethyst is the most desirable, and why?

The amethyst produced in Brazil is considered the highest quality amethyst in the world because of its deep color and high level of transparency. Amethyst may be found in a wide range of different shades of purple. Its hue can range from light lavender to a delicate violet to a deep purple, all of which are shades of the color purple.

Bottom Line:

One of the several kinds of quartz that are commercially accessible, amethyst is one of the most widespread types. The gemstone gets its name from its violet-purple hue, a particularly dark variety of the color purple known as “princely purple.” 

It is thought that the conquistadors in the 15th century were the ones who first brought amethyst to the Western world. Amethyst is a stone that has played a significant part in history. It is a stone that is well-known for its capacity to facilitate meditation and its therapeutic capabilities.

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