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Lesche Digging Tool Review

When it comes to digging equipment for metal detecting, Lesche is just incomparable to its competitors. Lesche digging tools are created here in the United States of America and are available in various configurations to accommodate any treasure-seeking scenario. 

Lesche manufactures digging tools that are versatile enough to be used for any job, from metal detecting to weeding your garden and anything in between! Make use of the power these instruments give that are made available by Lesche so that you may concentrate more on utilizing your metal detector efficiently and effectively rather than digging.

Why Lesche Digging Tool is the Great Option?

Lesche Digging Tool
9.6/10 Our Score
  • Manufacturer: Lesche
  • Item Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 4.5 x 1.2 inches

The blade of the Lesche digging tool, which features a serrated edge, is extremely sharp and can readily cut through the earth, even stony dirt, with moderate power. If you are cautious, the blade can cut through the grass like a saw, and you won’t create much mess. Here are some of the features that distinguish the Lesche Digging Tool as the superior choice:

Simple to Hold Onto:

Because it has a big handle made of soft plastic, the Lesche tool is straightforward to get a firm hold on. The ribbed design of the handle ensures that your hand will remain in place regardless of how deeply you dig.

In addition, the handle is a vibrant shade of red. That is ideal for someone like me who is prone to losing equipment when working in the garden because it is simple to locate it among the vegetation.

Small Size:

Small Size
Small Size

This little digger is perfect for metal detecting curb strips and getting permission to dig on private land, both of which are situations in which a full-sized shovel can scare people away. 

It’s something I pull out sometimes for new property permissions. You don’t need to carry this digger with you all day as you would a standard shovel because it comes with a sheath that you can attach to your belt loop.

Guard for your Blade to Protect Your Hand:

When using other types of digging knives, it is simple for your hand to slide onto the blade and cut itself. The guard on the blade of the Lesche Digging Tool prevents this from happening. When you dig, your hand is protected from any sharp items in the soil, thanks to this tool.

At first, I was concerned that the blade guard might be heavy or obstructive. Now that I have it, I can’t imagine digging without it.

Easy to Use and Flexible in Its Application:

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

When digging holes with a trowel, you should utilize a forward and underhand motion most of the time. On the other hand, while using the Lesche Digging Tool, the most natural thing to do is to drive the tool straight into the earth and then draw it toward you. Much easy!

It is also simple to cut through roots when digging, cut through the sod, dig a trench between stones or pavers, cut rope or plant ties, and do many other things.

Excellent for use in Cutting:

The blade’s edge might be flat or serrated, but it always has two. The flat edge makes easy work of slicing through plastic bags and drawing lines for planting seeds and weeding. In contrast, the serrated edge is useful for cutting into entangled root balls (for example, when splitting perennials), thick clay soil, or tree roots.

A left-handed version of the Lesche Digging Tool is available for all those who dig with their left hand. In most cases, the serrated edge is located on the right side of the blade (as seen in the image on the right), but in the left-handed variant, the serrated edge is located on the left side of the blade.

When you first get the instrument, the cutting edges of the blade are dull. You don’t need to worry about sharpening the Lesche Digging Tool if you’re not experienced working with other tools. However, we strongly suggest sharpening it with a grinder or mill file because doing so will make your task far less difficult.

Strong Blade:

Strong Blade
Strong Blade

The Lesche Digging Tool has a reasonably thick and heat-treated blade, which contributes to the tool’s enhanced robustness. I’ve used it to break up paving stones, shifting rocks, and dig through gravel, and the blade hasn’t taken so much as a ding from any of those activities.

Pros of Lesche Digging Tools:

  • Sharp blade.
  • Beneficial for curb-strips as well as permits.
  • Can be worn on your belt if desired.
  • A little shovel is easier to conceal than a full-sized shovel.

Cons of Lesche Digging Tools:

  • Your discoveries may be dingy.
  • If gloves are not used, it might cause blisters on the skin.
  • Digging on one’s hands and knees puts more strain on the body.
  • Does not dig as deeply as a full-sized shovel propelled by your feet would.


Using the most advanced metal detector digging instruments makes a world of difference in excavation. Adding items like these to your metal detecting toolbox may cost an initial financial outlay; nonetheless, doing so is very necessary, as they will make the sport more enjoyable for you now and for many years to come.

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